Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toss Out Tuesday

Ok all, one of the major reasons I started this blog was for accountability. Something on-line that (hopefully) others will see. Something that I can post my successes and failures. Something to give me praise during the great times and encouragement during the hard times.

I admitted to you guys that food waste was a huge problem in our house hold. I want it to be my habit for January 2012 to not waste any food. Well I have royally failed. Not just a little. Like a ton! Here is a photo of some of the food waste for January.

Yes, this is a full sized trash can. It's our kitchen trash can. Yes, everything in that trash is food wasted. Yes, you can see that it is over 3/4 of the way full! Yes, this is a serious problem. Especially, if you knew that this was not our only food waste. We have also wasted 18 chicken breasts, 4 bags of salad lettuce, tons of produce, and much more.

I am completely embarrassed  by this waste. This just shows all of you how un-prepared I am, how slobified I am. How can I complete my goals, especially my financial goals if I am throwing away this much food? I can't. That's the truth. I have got to get this under control. That is why I plan to make Tuesday, Toss Out Tuesday. Where I will post pictures of what I have tossed out.

This will be my first post for Toss Out Tuesday. I am hoping that by having to post photos, I will be much more responsible about what I toss. I hope to stop buying to much for a weeks worth of produce. I hope to do something with that COOKED chicken on the stove. I have been boiling them 6 at a time and have let them rot on the stove top 3 times now! I hope this will some how encourage others. I can bet your waste is no where close to mine but I hope that you can still reduce your food waste.

Are you up for this challenge with me? Do you have a food wasting problem? This is a judge-free zone. Please post your great times (for encouragement to others). Please post your hard times (so you can be thankful for your great times).

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