Friday, January 28, 2011

Pampers code

VMF776C7HMXXT4A will give you another 42 points at!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Life at home

So this week ended up being a very busy week for me. I was actually out of the house more than I should have been! Jimmy's grandma went into the hospital this week. She lost about 1/2 her blood from getting sick in the toilet. She passed out and went to the hospital. The gave her tons of blood and meds. And the ended up doing a scope. The scope showed she had an ulcer in her stomach and because of the blood thinners she was on, it just kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding! So I spent a good amount of time up there with her. They got everything patched up and she was home Sat afternoon. We went up Sunday morning for breakfast. How could I turn up eggs, sausage, and banana pancakes?!? So the rest of this week I went to the post office, got the oil changed, went and sat at a friends house for 4 hours, 7-11, library, had a photo shoot with my girl friend Joylynne, registered at Babies R US, and went up and down the stairs a few times. YIKES!! yup... By far the most I have done in the last 6 weeks but I feel great! And I didn't have any more contractions than normal :) It was a good week! Joylynne did an amazing job on our baby belly photos! If I knew how to work the computer a little better I would for sure post the pics here! When we got home from registering at Babies R Us, we walked in the door and found seven 9'' by 13'' pans with food on our counter! My dad and his soon to be wife cooked up all the meals for us. What a blessing they are! I was just in awe. Then about 1/2 hour later Jimmy called me up stairs to see my 4 year olds new room. Jimmy finished all the trim and got all of his stuff upstairs. He placed everything perfectly. I cried. Really! I cried! I knew Jimmy had spent a good amount of time upstairs. Not only fixing it up so it was liveable but also putting all the books, movies, games, toys, stuffed animals, ect in the perfect spot. Jimmy also got all the baby stuff from the basement to the upstairs. He is so wonderful. I am so lucky to have a man who would take in my son as his own and take me just the way that I am. I love him. He just means so much to me :) Now to go through the over 200 e-mails that I have gotten behind on. I will post today my points totals.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Freebie Tea sampler

Head on over to the site above. Just click Add to Bag. And Check out! The Tea is Free and so is the shipping. Fill out the shipping information and that's it! So easy to do!

Freebie Maggi soup sampler

Go to the site above to get a freebie sampler of Maggi soup. Should arrive in 6-8 weeks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Freebie Young Again Pet Food

 Go to the link above to get a freebie sampler of Young Again pet food!

Freebie Fries at Checkers or Rally's

Go to the link above to "like" checkers and Rally's and get free Large fries with any purchase. You can print this off as many times as you'd like as well! We have a checkers right down the road from us so this is perfect!

Pampers code

4WJDHKU4RPP6PT2 This code will give you another 10 points!

Freebie Being Girl Sampler

Go to the link above to request a freebie Being Girl sampler kit. Looks like the kit includes : 3 Tampax Pearl Tampons (1 Regular, 1 Light, 1 Compak Light), 2 Always Ultra Thin Pads (1 Regular, 1 Long/Super) & 2 Always Thin Liners. Says it will be here in 6-8 weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freebie John Frieda sampler

Go to the link above to get a freebie sample of John Frieda. You are able to chose from 5 different products by them! It said I should receive my sample soon.

Freebie Beneful Incedibites Sampler

Go to the link above to request a freebie sample of Beneful Incredibites!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Huggies Rewards!

Go to and get 3 more points! There is a poll worth 1 point and a video worth 2.

points update

Inbox dollars : $15.74 - up 86 cents
Send Earnings : $12.36 - up 38 cents
Survey head : $9 - up 90 cents
Minds Pay : same - Not sure if I like this site. Any one had good luck with them?
Toluna : 9,100 - up 2,300 points : 2,090 - up 215 points
Pampers : no change on either.
Swagbucks : 1,028 - up 46
Disney : no change.
Lightspeed : 550 - up 275 points! Really good week with them!
Huggies : no change on either.
Zoompanel : 520 - up 395 points! Really good week with them too!
Opinion Outpost : nothing! I have heard such great things about this company but for whatever reason, I don't ever qualify! Any one else have better luck than me? Or does any one have the same crumby luck as I?

I going to try hard to get some more surveys done this week again! And I will also try and post more this week! Sorry again.

Life at home

Sorry for not posting very much these last few days. I feel like I have been pretty busy, although I have been on bed rest. lol. I don't know how that all works out. But I did just finish up my Wednesday e-mails. On to Thurdays! I have been doing a whole lot of surveys this week though. So maybe that's where the busyness comes from? I have also been looking for the perfect wedding songs and a pastor for the wedding. Yes, we already had a pastor but he's now saying that he may be having a few surgeries and be down during the time of our wedding!! Yikes! Kinda scary. He said he will still plan on us but wouldn't be hurt if we went with some one else. I am thinking for both of our benefit, I will try to find another one. I would hate for him to over do himself if he's not feeling well enough to be there! Likewise, we need a pastor at the wedding!!!

Do you do surveys? If so, what companies do you do them for? I am always looking for new survey companies to join! I will be posting later on how well I did (or didn't do) this week for my survey companies!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Update!

Today I went in for another ultrasound and Jimmy was able to come as well!! First I got weighed. I gained 3 lbs! Then I had the stress test done. I was hooked up to that for about an hour. The baby just kept hiding! Odd to say but we just couldn't get a good reading. After the hour was up, the Dr.'s had me go to the ultrasound room while they looked at the stress test results. Now, I am no Dr. but I love to know everything about anything I can! The top of the two lines that print on my stress test is the babys heart beat. The bottom measures my contractions. The bottom was looking a little wavy. There were about 5 humps during that hour. I wasn't sure if those really counted as contractions but when the Dr. came in he asked if I had felt them. I knew my suspicions were right! He said that there is a pill I can take to stop those and if I continue to have them at a good rate, I need to call him and get that pill. Then the ultrasound started. It was a full measure this time. He measured the entire body inside and out. All measurements were looking GREAT this week!! He is measuring at 2 lbs 4 oz. The Dr. mentioned taking steriod shots to beef up babys lungs to prepare him for the early delivery. I will be asking him more about this during the next visit. The babys amniotic fluid was up to an 8. The Dr. was very excited about it :) We have an appointment in 2 weeks to meet with the surgeon and the NICU staff. I am excited about the visit today. The visit as a whole turned out great!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Freebie Good Nights Undies sample

Click the link above to get another freebie sample of Good Nights Underwear. I signed up a while back but was able to sign up again so hopefully we get this :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

Make sure to check your Disney movie rewards e-mail today! I got 5 bonus points near the bottom of the e-mail for reading.

Coupons in the mail

I got a few sets of coupons in the mail this weekend. 2 smart source on top of the Sunday paper. These came in my mail box Thurs, Fri, or Sat.

I also got a coupon in the mail from CVS for a Try Me Free schick 3 or 5 blade razor. Up to $10.99.

And another set of Family Fare coupons. Each week for the next 4 weeks they have a $10 off any purchase of $50 or more in groceries. Remember, this is before coupons! So this might give you a great deal after all coupons! It also has 2 weekly deals.

$1off per gallon of fuel up to 20 gallons with any transferred prescription.
$1.99 Charmin Bath tissue 9 rolls with any $10 purchase. And you can get 2 packs at this price!

$2.49 spartan shredded cheese limit 2 with $10 purchase
$1.77 Kellogg's raisin bran or frosted mini wheats limit 3 with $10 purchase

$1.49 spartan ice cream 1.75 qt limit 2 with $10 purchase
$4.99 tide 50 oz limit 2 with $10 purchase

FREE soft 'n good bread limit 1 with $10 purchase
$1.49 spartan white milk limit 2 with $10 purchase

I looked at the Charmin and reg price is $6.49 for the 9 roll. To sweeten this deal a little more, there is a coupon in P&G 12/26 for $1 off 2. Making each pack just $1.49. This is a rockin price. I don't know it gets better than this!

Did you get these coupons? Are you planning a shopping trip this week. Tell me about it below. I would love to hear what kind of deals you score.

Life at home

This last weekend was a very busy one! I feel as though a whole lot got done. It is a great feeling. Jimmy finished putting up the kick boards upstairs. He also put up the boards around the windows. He got part of a covered wall out. We need to get heat to the upstairs and there is a few feet of wall that is behind another wall. I don't really understand the people that lived here before us. They did a lot of half a** jobs upstairs and that was just one of them. Well he knocked out the wall to get behind it to see what kind of space we had to work with to put a heater or furnace up there. He then made a cover kinda like a door for the few feet of open wall. Just so that we can still get back there but we don't want the kids to. He also cleaned up everything up stairs. He put the seat belts in the car and moved around a whole bunch of stuff in the garage. It's looking good in there! Sunday, I went for a ride with him after Caleb went to his dads house. We got gas and 2 news papers. They have some rockin' deals going on this week. We went to mens wearhouse and paid for tuxes. Went to Menards where they have an 11% rebate on everything in the store. Mind you, we have 2 houses that we are finishing up work on. So on top of the sales and rebates they already had, they had this 11%. We got quite a few things and used some old rebate checks to pay for it. Cost OOP was just 22 ish bucks for a $90 bill. On top of that, we are getting roughly $10 back for the 11% rebate. So $12 for a whole lot of stuff! We went to my mom's and his mom's houses to get some coupons and then went to CVS. They have a Maalox deal going on right now. Buy $20 worth get $10 back. Well they had a $5 coupon in SS this week! The were $6.39 for two of them we got and $6.79 for the other two. Paid $8 got $10 back! Also got a candy bar because those are free after ECB as well. Also, Jimmy went back to Menards for a few other things and will be getting a ton of the $200 that we spent back in rebates! I had him run to target right next door and grab some more free batteries as well. Pretty awesome weekend!

Baby Update!

Thursday at 6 am Jimmy and I woke up and got my son over to my mom's house. From there we went to get my 3 hour glucose test done. When we got there, they weren't quite open so we chatted with another gal that was waiting. She was very nice! They opened up and I signed in. Got blood drawn at 7:20 and right after that I had to drink that nasty orange drink! yuck!! I had to wait until 8:20 before I could get the second round of blood drawn. I think that was just about the longest hour ever. I was so sick and the wheel chair I was sitting in was just very uncomfortable. Not fun. They drew the blood and I had Jimmy bring us out to the car so I could lay back in the seat. Boy, did that make a difference. It was like day and night between those hours. Blood drawn again at 9:20 and 10:20. I don't know when I will get the results back but I am hoping they call me either way. I hate waiting around for results. If they don't call by Friday, I do have an appointment then. So I will know results by Friday either way. At my Dr. appointment later that day, they did the ultrasound as normal and were getting 4's and 5's at first for my amniotic fluid. Not good! By the end of my appointment the baby had gone pee so it was up to a 7. No hospital!! After that they did about a 1/2 hour stress test. The stress test has two monitors hooked up to my belly that monitor the baby's heart beat/movement and also my contractions. No contractions during that time frame and the heart beat/movement was great! I asked the Dr. if I could go to a work potluck on Sat night for a few hours and he agreed! I was really excited. Over all, another good visit. Just hoping my amniotic fluid doesn't go down that low again this week. That's kinda scary.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily check up

Swag bucks:  Please remember that you might have to hit skip a few times to get the point for this one.

My Points:  Here is the home page link. If you go there and look on the right hand side there is a box that says : Tell us & earn points. All you have to do is answer the questions they have there and click on the next link the give you. Another window will come up and you just have to view the page to get the points. You don't have to do the offer they are trying to get you to do!!! I NEVER do!! I just get the 5 or so points they offer me :) After the window comes up, I exit the page. But I still get the points.

Tony's pizza sweepstakes:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freebie Poise Sampler

Go to the site above to sign up for a free sample of poise pads.

Freebie P&G sampler

Go to the site above for a freebie sampler of the P&G brand products. It looks like everyone is getting offered different products so don't be surprised if you only get 2 offers. I got offered some shampoos, feminine products, and some meds. About 7 offers in all! Check them out and let me know what you were offered! I would love to hear.

Freebie subscription to Lego magazine

I thought this was pretty nifty. My 4 year old son has been SO into legos after my mom got several Lego Wii games! He begs to play them all the time and asks me if we can get some for our house. Go here:

for a free 2 year subscription to Lego magazine! I addressed it to my son so he should be super excited with his name on the front of this one.

Disney Movie Rewards

Use the code CHIHUAHUA to score another 25 points towards the Disney Movie Rewards.

Freebie Steviacane Sample!/Steviacane?v=app_4949752878

If you click on the link above and "like" the page, you can sign up to get a freebie of steviacane all natural cane sugar

Babies R Us/Toy's R Us: Earths best diapers only $3.50

I am planning on scoring this deal today on my way to the Dr.'s with Jimmy! Print the coupon below for a pack of diapers for just $5! It's on the second page.

To make the deal even better, Print a second coupon for $1.50 off that!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

points update

It's been about a week and a half since I posted my points and it's been a pretty slow week for me. I have been doing some other things but I wanted to see how many points I earned this week with out even "trying". I don't think I did many surveys so I will just show you areas that I did gain points in this week.

Inbox dollars : 36 cents Just opened e-mails
Send earnings: 38 cents Just opened e-mails
Survey head: $3.10 This site is new to me, so lets see if this continues. I think I did two surveys for them!!
Minds pay: 5 cents This is also new to me. I don't know how much I like it. What do you think of it?
Toluna: 5,000 I took 1 survey and it gave me 5k points which seems like a lot! I think 3k is $1.00 so $1.66? 115 I took 1 survey that qualified and a few that didn't. Other than that, just opened e-mails
my pampers: 40 Just from codes other people posted
Jimmy's pampers: 260 I got Jimmy up to speed this week :) I will post the current codes that I have.

swagbucks: 94 points did the daily check ups and searched the web.
my huggies: 6 points
Jimmy's huggies: 6 points

For a week where I didn't really do much, I think I did ok! Lets see how I can do for the next week :) I am going to really try too!

Guac Rocks sweepstakes

Enter above for your chance to win one of 80 neat prizes!

Box tops for education sweepstakes

Enter above to win box tops for your childs' school!! 4 grand prizes winners will get 100,000 box tops ($10,000) and 100 first place winners will get 1,000 box tops ($100) for their school! This is a great program that we participate in even though he doesn't go to school school yet (He goes to a Christian 4 year old preschool)

Blockbuster Express code

Use SHTZFR1 to get a free movie rental at your blockbuster express! remember to return the movie before 9 PM the next night. Code expires Jan 10th

freebie dog and cat food

Another Purina one dog and cat food freebie! click the link above and answer a few short questions.

Kohl's sweepstakes

Enter above for your chance to win Kohl's sweepstakes. "Like" the page and then go to the "win a trip" tab.

Extra Win Instant Win Sweepstakes

Enter the sweepstakes above to try and win 1 of the 5,100 prizes they will be giving out!

Free Post it Tabs

Go to the site above to get some free post it tabs!

Life at home

Ok funny story. But before I tell you my story, I have to tell you about this really cool web site called House Party!! Each event is sponsored  by a name brand that you would see around the house. Most times they want you to try out first hand a product that hasn't hit the shelves yet. They also want your friends to try it out as well TOTALLY FREE!!!  It is really another type promotion period for the company to get the word out about their upcoming products. Each party comes with a different party pack or freebie coupons to "buy" the featured items. They might send you the coupons because it might be a frozen item or fresh food that you need to buy on top of the featured item. Most come with some sort of party favor as well. Go here:

to sign up for this super cool  party web site.  I hosted a Kleenex Clean & Fresh Hands House Party last summer and my friends all went home with a nifty box to put in their bathrooms and the kids had a blast!! I sign up for every one of them because I want them to know that I am really interested in the website and I also want to try out the latest and greatest things they have to give to me for free!!

That being said, I signed up a few weeks ago for a party and got accepted! Funny part is that it is a Durex condom party. YIKES!! I am not very talkative about my personal life and rarely show PDA! Jimmy and I have been talking about "the kiss". You know, the kiss you have to do in front of EVERYONE at our wedding in a few short months. Yeah... We are really not super thrilled with the idea of grandma seeing us kiss. It's just not our thing. So instead of getting a party for diapers or something, I am having a condom party. Just the opposite of what we need right now :) Especially since I am on strict bed rest!! However, I will in fact be hosting the party  because I am hoping this will show them my dedication to them and get a stinkin' diaper party or something. Hehehe. I will post what I am getting for my party below to show you how much you really can get from these parties! It is totally worth the party to be able to sign up for another.

Your FREE party pack includes:
  • 1 Play® Utopia® Female Arousal Gel
  • 1 Play® Vibrations Connect® Massager 
  • 1 bonus Play® Vibrations Massager to giveaway to a lucky guest!*
  • 16 Durex® Tropical® Flavors Condoms 
  • 16 Durex® Natural Feeling Condoms 
  • 16 Durex® XXL Condoms 
  • 16 Love-Box® by Durex®
  • 4 Play® Passion Cherry Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Pina Colada Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Soothing Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Tingling Lubricant 
  • 1 Wegasm ad/Love-Box® poster
  • 1 pack of He Said/She Said Game question cards
  • 1 pack of He Said/She Said Game response cards
  • 16 “Stick It In” Koozies 
  • 1 10 oz. bag of Sexy Conversation Heart Candies

    * Bonus Play® Vibrations Massager may vary.

Have you hosted a House Party before?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section!

Life at home

A few cool thing have happened the last few days and a few not so cool. Here's part of the update.

Sunday: My 4 year old son ended up going to his dad's house for the day so Jimmy got a lot done around the house. A lot got cleaned and Jimmy moved around a whole bunch of stuff in the garage so that we could fit the cars in and he could get to work on those. The saw that his grandpa had given him broke Sat night so he was really bummed because he has been working on getting the stairs finished so my 4 year old can go up there and the baby can have the nursery on the main floor next to our room. He wasn't able to cut trim because of the saw being broken so he was kinda in a bad mood. I called my mom and she thought she might have one in her garage. Jimmy didn't think so but agreed to check it out. It was in fact, EXACTLY what he needed!! He was in a much better mood after that. Also, in the summer time Caleb and I would go dumpster diving. I know. It sounds really nasty but instead of buying the newspaper we would just jump in the paper dumpster at our church and pick through the news paper to find the gold! I don't think people realize how much money you can save by just using the coupons. Either way, their trash was our treasure!!! So on Sunday, I had Jimmy drive me to a different paper bin that is more like a semi-truck trailer and I had him look through there. We got some really great coupons that I will tell you about more later. Although Jimmy didn't enjoy dumpster diving as much as Caleb and I do, he knows how important saving money is right now. Jimmy is my trooper for sure :)

Monday: Wasn't very eventful. My mom did come over while my 4 year old was in school. She is great too! She will do just about anything for me. She came over and went through the toys in his room with me and folded the piles of clean clothes that had built up at the end of my bed. Between Jimmy and my mom, they will wash and dry the clothes. But Jimmy hates folding them. So he just puts them at the end of our bed. My mom also cleaned up a batch of the living room, did some vacuuming, and cleaned the bathroom up.

Tuesday: Yet again, pretty uneventful. However I did get a call from my Dr. saying that my glucose levels from my glucose test were extremely high and I need to do a retest. She told me to eat all the pasta and bread I can til tonight at 9PM when I go on my fasting.  She said that will offset the crazy amount of glucose that they will give me tomorrow morning when I take my 3 hour glucose test. This test is to determine if I have gestational diabetes or not. I get blood drawn at 7 AM then I am going to drink this yucky drink. Then I get my blood drawn again at 8AM, 9AM, and 10AM. I am pretty squeemish when it comes to getting blood drawn so wish me luck :) Other than that, I played on-line most of the day.

Today: Didn't do much this morning but my mom and son came over after he got out of school at 11:30. She was on another cleaning mission. We folded some more laundry, picked through a few piles of odds and ends that just seem to pile up, and she vacuumed again. After that she asked if I wanted to run errands with her. Of course I said yes!! First we went through the drive thru and got some lunch. I used a gift card so no money out of pocket. Then we went to CVS. She ran in while I stayed in the car. She got me the boost protein drinks that I need to drink daily. They are normally $7.99 on sale this week for just $5.99. On top of that, there is a coupon in the news paper for $3 off (SS sears 1/2) AND you get a $1 ECB!!! So just $1.99 after all is said and done. I had a few CVS ECB already. One for $3 and the other for $1. Then when my mom scanned the magic coupon machine, a 50 cents off your order coupon came out!! All in all, total was 1.48 OOP and I got back $2 ECB!!! This was a win for sure! Went to the bank to deposit money through the drive thru. And we went to Meijers for a few items so my mom could make some lasagna and so that I could eat this week :) Now I am home again just drinking and peeing. I am so glad I have such a support system. I don't know what I would do with out everyone!

Daily check up

Have you been checking your daily check ups?!? I have to be honest, I have been forgetting. However, if I post them daily, I do remember. So that may help you too. I am going to try and post this daily to help every one remember.  I will be adding and taking off sweepstakes as I get them too.

Swag bucks:  Please remember that you might have to hit skip a few times to get the point for this one.

My Points:  Here is the home page link. If you go there and look on the right hand side there is a box that says : Tell us & earn points. All you have to do is answer the questions they have there and click on the next link the give you. Another window will come up and you just have to view the page to get the points. You don't have to do the offer they are trying to get you to do!!! I NEVER do!! I just get the 5 or so points they offer me :) After the window comes up, I exit the page. But I still get the points.

Red Baron Pizza sweepstakes:  Even if you don't win this one, you still get a coupon for $1 off a pizza.

Tony's pizza sweepstakes:

Jelly Belly Cupcake Challenge:|&utm_campaign=adfish

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Hearing Aid Batteries

The web site above will get you a free 4 pack of hearing aid batteries. Now, I personally don't wear a hearing aid yet, but there is an AWESOME older gentle man who comes into my work who does. So I ordered one to my old address, one to Jimmy's house, and one to my moms house. Although I don't know brand name, size of battery, or anything else, I do know that he has to change them out every FOUR DAYS!! That is really often! Can you imagine changing out the batteries in your remote, electric shaver, alarm clock, ect., every four day? I'm thinking that it can get really costly. So I ordered a few different sizes in hopes that one of them will work out for him! This is a great item to donate even if you don't know some one who needs them. So get to clicking and order some Free Batteries. Some one will be super happy you did :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Car!!

So I know this post is a little late but I thought it was worth posting. We got a new car!!! I totally forgot to post it before but we got the car a few days before Christmas. We asked Jimmy's brother to come with us to get the car so that I didn't have to drive at all. I just sat in the car while the two of them checked out the car. The gentle man was asking $990 on craigslist. I could tell Jimmy was really interested in this one because he was checking the blinkers and wipers!! You know that's a clear sign that he's interested. :) So then Jimmy came back and said there was a little dent and the no seat belts in the back seat. Other than that, the car was in great shape. He counter offered at $850. The guy agreed to it! Oh happy day! We had ourselves a car. Jimmy went inside to sign some papers and get everything together, and he came back out looking happy. I was happy too. A little Ford Escort Hatchback that drives. It was inexpensive and we are all about never having a car payment. So this worked out great in the budget. When Jimmy came back out, he said to me the guy took it for $750. I asked Jimmy why he would ask for it to be lowered?! The guy had already given us a great deal! Jimmy said that the guy had decided that he liked Jimmy and after hearing our story, he figured we could use the $100 more than he could! What a blessing! Even as I am typing this I start to tear up (I am pregnant, so it could just be the hormones) but really, the guy did something really kind for us. I have to let you know, that hundred dollars isn't being wasted! It went towards the seat belts for the back seat and a new transmission for my sable. Jimmy will hopefully be fixing the sable this winter so we can sell it sometime this next summer. The money we sell it for will go into our savings or... if we are financially stable enough by that point, it will go towards Jimmy's student loans! I am so glad we have Dave Ramsey around so we know how to barter and save save save!

Blockbuster Express code

Blockbuster has another code available for tonight only. Use FREEMM to get your free movie tonight. Make sure to have it returned by 9 PM tomorrow night to avoid late fees!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blockbuster Express code

Use XU14A before Jan 7th for a free blockbuster express movie. Remember to return before 9PM the next night to avoid late fees. Also remember that you can use this code once per card. We have 4 debt cards at our house so it looks like it'll be movie night at our house this week :)

Pampers code


Here's another pamper code worth 10 points. 

Disney Movie Rewards

Make sure to check your e-mail! I had 50 bonus points in my e-mail from Disney Movie Rewards just for being a member over the New Years Holiday!