Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 goal - Develop 12 new habits

It is said that when you try to make a chore into a habit, it takes 21 days of consistently doing that thing to develop that into a habit. Well, I am going to give myself some grace here and do 30 days worth. I will be trying to develop 1 new habit each month and I have come up with a plan of action as to what I would like to develop. I will be sharing my results on this as well to keep accountable. Here are my plans.

January - Don't waste any food (This is a HUGE problem at our house right now!)
February - Pray with my family every night
March - Drink 8 glasses of water daily
April - Keep sink shined night
May - Weekly meal planning and stick to it
June - 1 new recipe a week
July - Make bed every morning
August - Floss teeth Daily and brush teeth twice a day
September - 10 min daily dash house cleaning
October - Get dressed to shoes right away in the morning
November - Lay out next days clothes for family
December - Read magazines as they come in and pass them on

I already need to get busy on January. I went grocery shopping last week Wednesday and stocked up on some items but then Joel was in the hospital for 3 days so we have got quite a bit of stuff that needs to be chopped, cooked and frozen like today!! You all know what my plans are this afternoon. :)

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