Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Goals - 1/2 Way Update

We are 3 days into our weekly goals and I figured, for accountability reasons, I had better let you know how I was doing. So here's the update thus far this week.

This weeks goals:

Family/Mothering Goals

1) Finish reading Mummies in the morning with Caleb. Start the next book in the series
We are finished Mummies In The Morning but haven't started Night of the Ninja's
2) Find a place for Joel 1st birthday party
3) Make morning muffins with Caleb

Personal Goals

1) Get to page 93 in Julie and Julia
I am at page 60
2) Drink 5 glasses of water each day.
I have been drinking at least 5 glasses
3) Ride stationary bike 1/2 hour 3 days this week
I have ridden 2 days this week for 1/2 hour

Home Management Goals

1) Make weekly menu so we don't waste any food this week
Done. You can view it here.
2) Get right paint color for bed room
3) Put 25 items in the good will bucket

Business Goals

1) Continue entering times and meals daily.
I have been doing times but I am behind on meals
2) Do a Fire drill.
3) Call Minute menu so I can print off my parents tax forms
I called and finally got intelligent life on the other end. (Each time I have called, they act like they have never heard of anything I am talking about.

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