Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daddy Takes on Kitchen Junk Drawer

Last night, I was helping Caleb with his homework and he needed the colored pencil sharpened. Jimmy got up and went to the junk drawer and starts looking.... and looking... and looking. Now I have to be honest, I love the man but he couldn't find a big red elephant in our living room (if it were in there) to save his life! So I was joshing around with him about not being able to find it and all of a sudden I hear a huge clash and clunk in the kitchen. I got up and went in there only to see everything out on the floor! Only to find out that it was intentional. He was sick of our junk drawer looking like junk and so he tossed it all out to clean it! Go Daddy!!

This picture was taken after a few minutes because I forgot to grab the camera! :)

And this was just most of the pile. There was more to the left that I couldn't fit in the picture. So Jimmy went to town and found the pencil sharpener and a few other things that were lost in there. Along with tons of batteries, box tops for Caleb's school and exactly 73 pens and pencils! Pens/pencils were the most lost item in our house and there were 73 of them in this tiny drawer?! Really?! Well, now I know where to look from now on. Here is a photo of our newly "remodeled" drawer.

Looks great huh? Did I ever mention that my husband is amazing? Well, he is! I am so thankful to have him.

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  1. I use the box bottom from Velveeta type cheese to organize my drawers, from the hair care drawer to the junk drawer. May as well, hate to throw them out anyway