Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Goals

Even though it doesn't seem as though my weekly goals go as planned and most of the time I don't get them done, I do feel as though they are helping me tons! I am no over achiever by any standards. So that is why I made some 2012 goals. I am hoping this will help me keep on track with everything. These goals are in no particular order as I type them out but they are certainly things I feel as though we need to get accomplished. Here goes:

1) Finish my house so it can be rented out
2) Pay off Lowe's credit card
3) See family in Pennsylvania
4) Pay off Jimmy's student loans
5) Clean out the down stairs
6) Save $2,000 emergency fund
7) Develop 12 new habits
8) Read 1 book each month
9) Exercise increasingly
10) Freezer meals once a month
11) Make cleaning the house more of a priority
12) Date night 1 time per month
13) Record meal and times daily
14) Plant and maintain garden during summer
15) Devote 1 night to family game night
16) Get together with friends 1 time per month
17) Write down birthdays and send cards
18) Blog increasingly more
19) Read with kids at least 3 times per week
20) Make and keep budget
21) Learn to knit and FINISH a project
22) Lose some weight

I will be breaking these goals down in the next few weeks and sharing my plans

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