Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 goal - Cleaning goals

Goal #5 and goal #11 are both cleaning goals that I hope to accomplish in 2012. Cleaning out the down stairs will have to come in stages for sure! It is stuffed full with boxes upon boxes of stuff from my house. Because Jimmy and I both owned a home before we got married, we both had all appliances, dishes, silver ware, towels, pots, pans, nick nacks, ect. So in moving over here, all my stuff got put into boxes.... and has stayed right there. Until now!! Also in the basement is pretty much everything from Jimmy's house. We got the carpets cleaned in November (Yes, you read that right NOVEMBER) and still don't have even half of our stuff put back together. Our dressers, entertainment center, free standing shelves, toys, ect are still down stairs. So you can see why this is a problem. We just need to get stuff put back upstairs or brought to a local donation center.

As for Goal #11 making cleaning the house more of a priority, I have printed out a few cleaning schedules and I am going to give those a try. I am also getting daily fly lady e-mails however these e-mails go directly into my fly lady e-mail folder and I have a few hundred in there that I still haven't looked at. So I am hoping that I can get into the groove of using those. Laundry and Dishes are my biggest struggle. I am great at really doing them both but putting them away is another story. And then if I don't put the dishes away, I can't put another load in and that's how they pile up. Our clean laundry ends up getting thrown at the end of our bed and we dig through each morning. I am hoping to get into the habit of cleaning more and get this house in shape!

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