Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 January Update

1) Finish my house so it can be rented out
We have been rockin' out on this one! Many hours have been put into getting it done.My husband is really the one to thank for most everything. I am typically home with the kids.
2) Pay off Lowe's credit card
We have sent in a few payments but I don't think we got a bill this month so I think I will have to go in and check it out.
3) See family in Pennsylvania
We are planning on going to see Jimmy's family March 8th-13th. 
4) Pay off Jimmy's student loans
We are working on the Lowe's credit card first.
5) Clean out the down stairs
Yep, haven't touched a thing.
6) Save $2,000 emergency fund
We have got the $1,000 saved but haven't started working on the second $1,000.
7) Develop 12 new habits
My January goal was a big flop. I wasted a lot of food. But I did become more aware near the end of the month and I think we are doing a little better.
8) Read 1 book each month
Does like 70 pages count?
9) Exercise increasingly
I did exercise increasingly til last week rolled around. I am hoping to be able to put Joel down a little bit more this week and get back on my bike. I sort of miss my bike time. It was just me, a book, and my bike.
10) Freezer meals once a month
I ended up doing a few freezer meals. I did BBQ shredded pork, BBQ meat balls, and some hamburger helper for my hubby to bring to work.
11) Make cleaning the house more of a priority
Not so sure this is totally happening. It's a work in progress.
12) Date night 1 time per month
Jimmy and did get a date night this month! We always fill up on our entree so this time we did it back words and had ice cream first. It was great and we really enjoyed it. Then we had dinner at Carrabba's and after that we went to a nice hot tub place. We were really tired and almost fell asleep while in the hot tub. He drove home and I got to sleep on the car ride to pick up our kiddos.
13) Record meal and times daily
My silly system has been down multiple times this month. It seems as though every time I want to get it going, it is down. I haven't been doing very good at this goal as a result.
14) Plant and maintain garden during summer
It finally started to snow around here. I have been looking a seed books though. Not sure what I am going to do.
15) Devote 1 night a week to family game night
We have actually done this more than 1 time a week! It's been a blast and it's a great time for us all to sit down and forget the busy life we have. We can just be together for that moment.
16) Get together with friends 1 time per month
We did this early on in the month. We went to dinner and got to chat for a while after that.
17) Write down birthdays and send cards
No where close to even thinking about this. I didn't even catch my sister-in-laws birthday til a few days later.
18) Blog increasingly more
I feel like I have been, with the exception of last week.
19) Read with kids at least 3 times per week
We read in the car almost every morning before school. I would like to get some more night time reading in.
20) Make and keep budget
Jimmy and I have made progress on this. We put away our debit cards! I am excited not to have those crazy things around any more. We were spending a ton of unnecessary money.
21) Learn to knit and FINISH a project
Done Done DONE!!! It's not very pretty but it's done. I finger knitted my first item. It was a scarf. Now I am on my second item which is a cowl. IT's going well.
22) Lose some weight
Well.... not really yet.

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