Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 goal - getting healthy goals Part 1

I really feel like a few of my goals fall into this category. So I will be listing them out and telling you why.

For goal #9 (my exercise increasingly goal) I am still on the look out for a plan that I can actually execute.
-Money saving mom has posted a nice one called couch to 5k but the weather is only getting colder around here.
-We do have a stationary bike that I plan to ride while the kids are napping. That way I can also get my reading in too!
-I have also busted out the Wii this week in hopes of checking my weight on the Wii Fit that my mama is letting me borrow.
-We also have the Kinect and last Christmas got an awesome zumba game for it. How ever, I can not figure those silly things out and have NO CLUE how to even start the game. I think some help from my husband might be in order.
-During the summer time, we do have a great bike trailer that turns into a jogger and I loved using that last summer! I am thinking that will get a lot of use this summer as well.
-I also have a membership to a gym for the classes only portion. I LOVED going but they don't have baby sitting and I feel like we have over used our baby sitters already with all the Dr's appointments for Joel. So unless my husband has the day off or something, this is really not an option. Also, up until now, I have had my child care kids most mornings and I can't just pawn those guys off. Again, I loved going and if they had baby sitting, I would go again in a heart beat but they don't.
- We have stairs.... a couple of sets.... not super thrilled about this one but I guess if all else fails, this could be a back up.

Right now I have my weekly goal set at just 1/2 hour 3 times a week on my stationary bike. I would love to increase that and get much more healthy this year

Goal #10 (Freezer meals once a month), I feel, will also help with this. I am Classic for last minute meal planning! I will make 1/2 of the meal only to find out that we can't have it because I am missing a critical ingredient (like chicken in the chicken pot pie). So what do we end up doing? Calling daddy on his way home and ask him to pick something up for us, or grabbing something while we were out running errands. This leads to some seriously unhealthy eating! By doing this, we are putting tons of, pardon my french but, Crap into our bodies... into my babies bodies! This needs to stop now. I was just talking with my mom today about picking more fruits and veggies during the summer and either freezing or canning them so we can truly enjoy locally grown "fresh" fruits and veggies all year round. We have just recently found the joys of fruit smoothies! So we we hope those stick around for good as well.

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