Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Our breakfast always seems to be the same. I have a home made sausage, egg, and cheese wrap. Caleb has toast or a bagel with peanut butter. Joel has just finished his pump (he's on a night time feeding tube drip). And I'd be lying if I said Jimmy ate something. That only leaves me guessing lunch and dinner, Ever Day Of The Week! I am so bad at thinking ahead. Ok, I guess I don't have to think much about lunch since we always end up having left overs from the night before. So I am trying out this meal planning thing that everyone always raves about.

Monday - Taco Salad I ended up making this and will post a more detailed recipe this week. But it was GOOD!

Tuesday - BBQ Pork

Wednesday - Grandpa Bills Chicken and Veggies over biscuits

Thursday - Lasagna

Friday - Salad

Saturday - Cream cheese, Chicken, and pasta

Sunday - We normally have a late breakfast around lunch time which pushes back our "lunch" to dinner so we will have left overs.

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What are you having for dinner this week. I am always open to suggestions and ideas. Please post a link to your blog below or just post what you are having :)


  1. Menu planning really does make such a difference!! It helps me to tackle it in stages... so I don't get overwhelmed. I normally do my planning and list making Friday, shop Saturday and then I prep my meals for the week Sunday. :)

  2. Renee, Thanks for the encouragement that this stuff really works. I will have to try your routine tomorrow and see how that goes! Thanks for the suggestions :)