Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 goal - See family in Pennsylvania

Goal #3, Seeing family in Pennsylvania. PA for short. Jimmy was raised in PA til 9th grade when his mom moved him and his siblings here to Michigan and where met me *Grins Really Big* But in coming here he left behind some very important people. His dad, grandparents, and some great friends.

I am happy to tell you that in Jan or Feb of 2010 Jimmy, Caleb, and I were able to travel over to PA for 5 days to see and meet everyone. And what a grand time we had! Caleb and I met as many of Jimmy's friends and family members as we could in our short 5 day trip and we were welcomed with loving arms into their homes and their lives.

Another happy story to tell of is when we had several people fly from PA to Michigan for our wedding! Jimmy's dad and his wife came and brought along grandma and auntie. Along with that, we had a very special long time friend and his parents drive all the way over. What a joyous time we had seeing them during our crazy some times stressful week before our wedding.

Because Christmas and New Years Day both landed on Sundays this year, and Jimmy would typically have a paid holiday those days, Jimmy's work granted him an extra 2 days paid vacation that he can take anytime before April. What a blessing those two days are! So now it's our turn to go to PA again and boy, are we ready or what!

Here's what we need to do to get going to see everyone:
-We still need to find a date but have to consider a few things when doing so. Joel's 1st Birthday party, and Caleb's school and field trip schedule. We would like also like to go either either late Feb or early Mar in a sort of Birthday Celebration! Jimmy, his dad, Joel, and I all have birthdays within a few weeks of each other and what better way to celebrate than to see family.
- Jimmy needs to request the time off from work and I need to let my day care parents know what days I will be gone.
- We also need to get the A-OK from Joel's Doctors to travel that far with him. He sees some specialists and we need to make sure that he is healthy enough to travel.

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