Monday, February 6, 2012

Work out & drink report

I am finding that I am not motivated unless I have some sort of accountability! So here I am again, blogging about what I have accomplished. A few of my 2012 Goals addressed getting healthier this year. One of those is exercise increasingly. If I don't make it a habit/routine, I forget about it. If I have a 3 days a week thing for exercise, I forget about it. I HAVE to make exercise a daily thing. If that means 1/2 hour on the bike or 10 jumping jacks, Exercise must be daily for me. I hope to blog about my accomplishments and failures for the day.

Today I did:

10 sit ups
4 push ups
10 second plank
1/2 hour bike
1/2 hour P90X stretching disc

I will be reporting back daily about my exercise, work out, or extra movement I did yesterday. Also, by working at McDonalds, I have had tons of FREE coke. I have been drinking over 64 oz of coke each day! I am going to try and cut that down. I will be reporting how much coke/water I have had each day as well.

64oz coke
8 oz of water so far
I will be drinking water the rest of the day. I am hoping to get to 64 oz as well. We'll see with tomorrows update.

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