Saturday, February 11, 2012

daily report

I guess I wasn't quite as motivated as I thought I would be but I will still report that I did 11 min of hula hoop around my waist, and 2 min of hula hoop on each arm for a total of 15 min yesterday! I only drank 32oz of coke and about 64 oz of water.

I also wanted to address the 12 new habits for 2012. Yep... lets just be honest, I forgot about them. My January habit was a complete fail. We wasted SO much food in January. But I do feel like I am much more aware of the food in our house so I am hoping that will help us out as we continue to develop that habit through out the year.

On to February. Yep... lets just be honest about this one too. I forgot about it til, well, Now. So we are starting February's habit a little late but better late than never. My February's habit was to pray with my family every night. I am simply a forgetful gal. I am also a procrastinator. Like a really bad one! But this is a biggy not to forget so I am printing pages right as I type this that say, "Have you prayed today?" I am posting them on Caleb's bedroom door, which is in the middle of our house and you literally can not go into any other room with out passing his door. I am also posting in the bathroom above the toilet paper roll because it is a rule in our house for all family members to go potty before they go to bed. I am also going to color them red so they are not something we can miss. If you have any other ideas to help me remember please post them below. I could use any suggestions :)

I will be posting our success/forgetfulness on our praying as well.

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