Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Goals

This weeks goals:

Family/Mothering Goals
1) Volunteer at Caleb's school
I also found out that I will probably be able to do this for the next few weeks as I won't have any child care kids on Wednesday mornings :)
2) Make morning muffins with Caleb
3) Get invites cut out
4) Hold Joel tons and don't really care if I get stuff done as long as my Joel is ok.
Seriously didn't get Anything done this week! Below is my laundry pile Yikes!

Personal Goals

1) Get to page 150 in Julie and Julia
2) Ride stationary bike 1/2 hour 3 days this week
3) Get 36'' knitted by Friday 
4) Do the Fab Ab Feb. Work out

Home Management Goals

1) Make weekly menu so we don't waste any food this week
2) Get Jimmy's dresser drawers put back in his dresser
3) Get all every thing cleaned up in my room.

Business Goals

1) Continue entering times and meals daily.
2) Do a Fire drill.
3) Exercise with kids each day with youtube videos (They love these!)

Since I totally failed at last weeks goals, I am making them this weeks goals as well. Joel is doing better so hopefully I won't have to hold him quite as much this week

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