Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Goals

I have one single goal this week. Broken down into three parts.

1) Call Doc for ADD meds
2) Go get ADD meds from pharmacy
3) TAKE ADD meds

I have been driving myself nuts lately! I can't get anything done, my house looks like a mess, and I can't even focus when I do have the motivation to get something done. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a little girl and started taking meds in 1st grade. I don't know when I stopped taking them or why I stopped taking them but I remember going back on them for a while in high school for a very short period of time. I tried them out again about 4-5 years ago but couldn't handle swallowing the pills ( I have an aversion to pills). So now here I am again. A total mess.

Do have experience with ADD?? Do your children, spouse, or yourself have ADD?? I would love to hear your input. I would love to hear any suggestions! Please leave a comment below. Even if it's an anonymous comment! Thanks all :)

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