Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blurrrrrr of a week

So here's my blurred recap of last week.

Feeding tube supplies:
Our supplier never called for Joel's feeding tube supplies so I called them
Feeding tube supplies came next day
All feeding tube supplies that came were wrong
Fiddled around with trying to get the right parts
Got the right parts now we're in good shape

Icky Sicky Family:
Caleb says he wasn't feeling well after snack
Caleb pukes then feels totally better, no fever or anything
I bring Caleb to school
I find out that there are only 5 kids in class because everyone has flu
I bring Caleb to grandma's because Joel has Dr's appointment
Caleb feels better and goes back to school
Jimmy wakes up super sick on Sunday
Jimmy is sick all day Sunday
I get sick Sunday night
I call into work Monday morning and I am sick all day Monday
Now we are all feeling better for the most part
Oh, and Joel never got sick YEAH!!

Joel's new feeding schedule:
Went to said Dr's appointment for 2 hours
Thought we would be going back on the bottle
No such luck
We are doing changes every 4-5 days for the next month or so
I got eerked
I called back the Dr and told him this tube thing wasn't working
Convinced him that we can go back to the bottle in the next few weeks!!
Still going through major changes for the next month
Joel seems to be doing really well with these changes so far

I did go to the Dr's yesterday to get some meds. I was diagnosed with boarder line OCD and boarder line ADD. In combination with each other, I want every thing to be perfect but don't have the attention span or focus to do it perfect so I just don't do anything at all. Yep. That pretty much sums me up. I started meds today so I am praying that this will help me get back on track.

This week I am hoping to get a few things done.

Dinner with my sister on Wednesday
Find directions to the hospital more than an hour before we have to leave
Get Caleb to the hospital for teeth cleaning
Finish Joel's invites
Pay bills
Turn in all paperwork for Joel's insurance
Clean off desk so I can find paperwork for Joel's insurance
Finish tax papers by Wednesday

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