Monday, January 3, 2011

New Car!!

So I know this post is a little late but I thought it was worth posting. We got a new car!!! I totally forgot to post it before but we got the car a few days before Christmas. We asked Jimmy's brother to come with us to get the car so that I didn't have to drive at all. I just sat in the car while the two of them checked out the car. The gentle man was asking $990 on craigslist. I could tell Jimmy was really interested in this one because he was checking the blinkers and wipers!! You know that's a clear sign that he's interested. :) So then Jimmy came back and said there was a little dent and the no seat belts in the back seat. Other than that, the car was in great shape. He counter offered at $850. The guy agreed to it! Oh happy day! We had ourselves a car. Jimmy went inside to sign some papers and get everything together, and he came back out looking happy. I was happy too. A little Ford Escort Hatchback that drives. It was inexpensive and we are all about never having a car payment. So this worked out great in the budget. When Jimmy came back out, he said to me the guy took it for $750. I asked Jimmy why he would ask for it to be lowered?! The guy had already given us a great deal! Jimmy said that the guy had decided that he liked Jimmy and after hearing our story, he figured we could use the $100 more than he could! What a blessing! Even as I am typing this I start to tear up (I am pregnant, so it could just be the hormones) but really, the guy did something really kind for us. I have to let you know, that hundred dollars isn't being wasted! It went towards the seat belts for the back seat and a new transmission for my sable. Jimmy will hopefully be fixing the sable this winter so we can sell it sometime this next summer. The money we sell it for will go into our savings or... if we are financially stable enough by that point, it will go towards Jimmy's student loans! I am so glad we have Dave Ramsey around so we know how to barter and save save save!

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