Monday, January 24, 2011

Life at home

So this week ended up being a very busy week for me. I was actually out of the house more than I should have been! Jimmy's grandma went into the hospital this week. She lost about 1/2 her blood from getting sick in the toilet. She passed out and went to the hospital. The gave her tons of blood and meds. And the ended up doing a scope. The scope showed she had an ulcer in her stomach and because of the blood thinners she was on, it just kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding! So I spent a good amount of time up there with her. They got everything patched up and she was home Sat afternoon. We went up Sunday morning for breakfast. How could I turn up eggs, sausage, and banana pancakes?!? So the rest of this week I went to the post office, got the oil changed, went and sat at a friends house for 4 hours, 7-11, library, had a photo shoot with my girl friend Joylynne, registered at Babies R US, and went up and down the stairs a few times. YIKES!! yup... By far the most I have done in the last 6 weeks but I feel great! And I didn't have any more contractions than normal :) It was a good week! Joylynne did an amazing job on our baby belly photos! If I knew how to work the computer a little better I would for sure post the pics here! When we got home from registering at Babies R Us, we walked in the door and found seven 9'' by 13'' pans with food on our counter! My dad and his soon to be wife cooked up all the meals for us. What a blessing they are! I was just in awe. Then about 1/2 hour later Jimmy called me up stairs to see my 4 year olds new room. Jimmy finished all the trim and got all of his stuff upstairs. He placed everything perfectly. I cried. Really! I cried! I knew Jimmy had spent a good amount of time upstairs. Not only fixing it up so it was liveable but also putting all the books, movies, games, toys, stuffed animals, ect in the perfect spot. Jimmy also got all the baby stuff from the basement to the upstairs. He is so wonderful. I am so lucky to have a man who would take in my son as his own and take me just the way that I am. I love him. He just means so much to me :) Now to go through the over 200 e-mails that I have gotten behind on. I will post today my points totals.

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