Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Free Hearing Aid Batteries


The web site above will get you a free 4 pack of hearing aid batteries. Now, I personally don't wear a hearing aid yet, but there is an AWESOME older gentle man who comes into my work who does. So I ordered one to my old address, one to Jimmy's house, and one to my moms house. Although I don't know brand name, size of battery, or anything else, I do know that he has to change them out every FOUR DAYS!! That is really often! Can you imagine changing out the batteries in your remote, electric shaver, alarm clock, ect., every four day? I'm thinking that it can get really costly. So I ordered a few different sizes in hopes that one of them will work out for him! This is a great item to donate even if you don't know some one who needs them. So get to clicking and order some Free Batteries. Some one will be super happy you did :)

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