Monday, January 10, 2011

Life at home

This last weekend was a very busy one! I feel as though a whole lot got done. It is a great feeling. Jimmy finished putting up the kick boards upstairs. He also put up the boards around the windows. He got part of a covered wall out. We need to get heat to the upstairs and there is a few feet of wall that is behind another wall. I don't really understand the people that lived here before us. They did a lot of half a** jobs upstairs and that was just one of them. Well he knocked out the wall to get behind it to see what kind of space we had to work with to put a heater or furnace up there. He then made a cover kinda like a door for the few feet of open wall. Just so that we can still get back there but we don't want the kids to. He also cleaned up everything up stairs. He put the seat belts in the car and moved around a whole bunch of stuff in the garage. It's looking good in there! Sunday, I went for a ride with him after Caleb went to his dads house. We got gas and 2 news papers. They have some rockin' deals going on this week. We went to mens wearhouse and paid for tuxes. Went to Menards where they have an 11% rebate on everything in the store. Mind you, we have 2 houses that we are finishing up work on. So on top of the sales and rebates they already had, they had this 11%. We got quite a few things and used some old rebate checks to pay for it. Cost OOP was just 22 ish bucks for a $90 bill. On top of that, we are getting roughly $10 back for the 11% rebate. So $12 for a whole lot of stuff! We went to my mom's and his mom's houses to get some coupons and then went to CVS. They have a Maalox deal going on right now. Buy $20 worth get $10 back. Well they had a $5 coupon in SS this week! The were $6.39 for two of them we got and $6.79 for the other two. Paid $8 got $10 back! Also got a candy bar because those are free after ECB as well. Also, Jimmy went back to Menards for a few other things and will be getting a ton of the $200 that we spent back in rebates! I had him run to target right next door and grab some more free batteries as well. Pretty awesome weekend!

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