Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Update!

Thursday at 6 am Jimmy and I woke up and got my son over to my mom's house. From there we went to get my 3 hour glucose test done. When we got there, they weren't quite open so we chatted with another gal that was waiting. She was very nice! They opened up and I signed in. Got blood drawn at 7:20 and right after that I had to drink that nasty orange drink! yuck!! I had to wait until 8:20 before I could get the second round of blood drawn. I think that was just about the longest hour ever. I was so sick and the wheel chair I was sitting in was just very uncomfortable. Not fun. They drew the blood and I had Jimmy bring us out to the car so I could lay back in the seat. Boy, did that make a difference. It was like day and night between those hours. Blood drawn again at 9:20 and 10:20. I don't know when I will get the results back but I am hoping they call me either way. I hate waiting around for results. If they don't call by Friday, I do have an appointment then. So I will know results by Friday either way. At my Dr. appointment later that day, they did the ultrasound as normal and were getting 4's and 5's at first for my amniotic fluid. Not good! By the end of my appointment the baby had gone pee so it was up to a 7. No hospital!! After that they did about a 1/2 hour stress test. The stress test has two monitors hooked up to my belly that monitor the baby's heart beat/movement and also my contractions. No contractions during that time frame and the heart beat/movement was great! I asked the Dr. if I could go to a work potluck on Sat night for a few hours and he agreed! I was really excited. Over all, another good visit. Just hoping my amniotic fluid doesn't go down that low again this week. That's kinda scary.

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