Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life at home

Ok funny story. But before I tell you my story, I have to tell you about this really cool web site called House Party!! Each event is sponsored  by a name brand that you would see around the house. Most times they want you to try out first hand a product that hasn't hit the shelves yet. They also want your friends to try it out as well TOTALLY FREE!!!  It is really another type promotion period for the company to get the word out about their upcoming products. Each party comes with a different party pack or freebie coupons to "buy" the featured items. They might send you the coupons because it might be a frozen item or fresh food that you need to buy on top of the featured item. Most come with some sort of party favor as well. Go here:

to sign up for this super cool  party web site.  I hosted a Kleenex Clean & Fresh Hands House Party last summer and my friends all went home with a nifty box to put in their bathrooms and the kids had a blast!! I sign up for every one of them because I want them to know that I am really interested in the website and I also want to try out the latest and greatest things they have to give to me for free!!

That being said, I signed up a few weeks ago for a party and got accepted! Funny part is that it is a Durex condom party. YIKES!! I am not very talkative about my personal life and rarely show PDA! Jimmy and I have been talking about "the kiss". You know, the kiss you have to do in front of EVERYONE at our wedding in a few short months. Yeah... We are really not super thrilled with the idea of grandma seeing us kiss. It's just not our thing. So instead of getting a party for diapers or something, I am having a condom party. Just the opposite of what we need right now :) Especially since I am on strict bed rest!! However, I will in fact be hosting the party  because I am hoping this will show them my dedication to them and get a stinkin' diaper party or something. Hehehe. I will post what I am getting for my party below to show you how much you really can get from these parties! It is totally worth the party to be able to sign up for another.

Your FREE party pack includes:
  • 1 Play® Utopia® Female Arousal Gel
  • 1 Play® Vibrations Connect® Massager 
  • 1 bonus Play® Vibrations Massager to giveaway to a lucky guest!*
  • 16 Durex® Tropical® Flavors Condoms 
  • 16 Durex® Natural Feeling Condoms 
  • 16 Durex® XXL Condoms 
  • 16 Love-Box® by Durex®
  • 4 Play® Passion Cherry Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Pina Colada Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Soothing Lubricant
  • 4 Play® Tingling Lubricant 
  • 1 Wegasm ad/Love-Box® poster
  • 1 pack of He Said/She Said Game question cards
  • 1 pack of He Said/She Said Game response cards
  • 16 “Stick It In” Koozies 
  • 1 10 oz. bag of Sexy Conversation Heart Candies

    * Bonus Play® Vibrations Massager may vary.

Have you hosted a House Party before?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section!

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  1. As uh, your younger sister, I would have to tell you no, I have not hosted a party.
    This is probably one of the most HILARIOUS things I've ever heard.
    I want to take pictures just to have a good time laughing.
    I wish you the best of luck Jessica.
    Get some party goers!