Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Update!

Today I went in for another ultrasound and Jimmy was able to come as well!! First I got weighed. I gained 3 lbs! Then I had the stress test done. I was hooked up to that for about an hour. The baby just kept hiding! Odd to say but we just couldn't get a good reading. After the hour was up, the Dr.'s had me go to the ultrasound room while they looked at the stress test results. Now, I am no Dr. but I love to know everything about anything I can! The top of the two lines that print on my stress test is the babys heart beat. The bottom measures my contractions. The bottom was looking a little wavy. There were about 5 humps during that hour. I wasn't sure if those really counted as contractions but when the Dr. came in he asked if I had felt them. I knew my suspicions were right! He said that there is a pill I can take to stop those and if I continue to have them at a good rate, I need to call him and get that pill. Then the ultrasound started. It was a full measure this time. He measured the entire body inside and out. All measurements were looking GREAT this week!! He is measuring at 2 lbs 4 oz. The Dr. mentioned taking steriod shots to beef up babys lungs to prepare him for the early delivery. I will be asking him more about this during the next visit. The babys amniotic fluid was up to an 8. The Dr. was very excited about it :) We have an appointment in 2 weeks to meet with the surgeon and the NICU staff. I am excited about the visit today. The visit as a whole turned out great!

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