Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life at home

A few cool thing have happened the last few days and a few not so cool. Here's part of the update.

Sunday: My 4 year old son ended up going to his dad's house for the day so Jimmy got a lot done around the house. A lot got cleaned and Jimmy moved around a whole bunch of stuff in the garage so that we could fit the cars in and he could get to work on those. The saw that his grandpa had given him broke Sat night so he was really bummed because he has been working on getting the stairs finished so my 4 year old can go up there and the baby can have the nursery on the main floor next to our room. He wasn't able to cut trim because of the saw being broken so he was kinda in a bad mood. I called my mom and she thought she might have one in her garage. Jimmy didn't think so but agreed to check it out. It was in fact, EXACTLY what he needed!! He was in a much better mood after that. Also, in the summer time Caleb and I would go dumpster diving. I know. It sounds really nasty but instead of buying the newspaper we would just jump in the paper dumpster at our church and pick through the news paper to find the gold! I don't think people realize how much money you can save by just using the coupons. Either way, their trash was our treasure!!! So on Sunday, I had Jimmy drive me to a different paper bin that is more like a semi-truck trailer and I had him look through there. We got some really great coupons that I will tell you about more later. Although Jimmy didn't enjoy dumpster diving as much as Caleb and I do, he knows how important saving money is right now. Jimmy is my trooper for sure :)

Monday: Wasn't very eventful. My mom did come over while my 4 year old was in school. She is great too! She will do just about anything for me. She came over and went through the toys in his room with me and folded the piles of clean clothes that had built up at the end of my bed. Between Jimmy and my mom, they will wash and dry the clothes. But Jimmy hates folding them. So he just puts them at the end of our bed. My mom also cleaned up a batch of the living room, did some vacuuming, and cleaned the bathroom up.

Tuesday: Yet again, pretty uneventful. However I did get a call from my Dr. saying that my glucose levels from my glucose test were extremely high and I need to do a retest. She told me to eat all the pasta and bread I can til tonight at 9PM when I go on my fasting.  She said that will offset the crazy amount of glucose that they will give me tomorrow morning when I take my 3 hour glucose test. This test is to determine if I have gestational diabetes or not. I get blood drawn at 7 AM then I am going to drink this yucky drink. Then I get my blood drawn again at 8AM, 9AM, and 10AM. I am pretty squeemish when it comes to getting blood drawn so wish me luck :) Other than that, I played on-line most of the day.

Today: Didn't do much this morning but my mom and son came over after he got out of school at 11:30. She was on another cleaning mission. We folded some more laundry, picked through a few piles of odds and ends that just seem to pile up, and she vacuumed again. After that she asked if I wanted to run errands with her. Of course I said yes!! First we went through the drive thru and got some lunch. I used a gift card so no money out of pocket. Then we went to CVS. She ran in while I stayed in the car. She got me the boost protein drinks that I need to drink daily. They are normally $7.99 on sale this week for just $5.99. On top of that, there is a coupon in the news paper for $3 off (SS sears 1/2) AND you get a $1 ECB!!! So just $1.99 after all is said and done. I had a few CVS ECB already. One for $3 and the other for $1. Then when my mom scanned the magic coupon machine, a 50 cents off your order coupon came out!! All in all, total was 1.48 OOP and I got back $2 ECB!!! This was a win for sure! Went to the bank to deposit money through the drive thru. And we went to Meijers for a few items so my mom could make some lasagna and so that I could eat this week :) Now I am home again just drinking and peeing. I am so glad I have such a support system. I don't know what I would do with out everyone!

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