Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, Jimmy got a bonus yesterday from work. Some where around $1,500 but he won't tell me exactly because he wants to get me a Christmas present from it first. We are also going to be getting a winter beater of a car with it. God always provides! It seems as though when ever Jimmy and I get a little panicked about money, some how he gets a bonus, we get money back from over paying insurance, or we simply don't have to pay a bill that month because we overpaid last month.  On the down side of things, I have been having quite a few contractions over the last few days. I called the Dr. and he wants me to drink a quart of water above the 2 gallons of water that he wants me to drink each day when I am having contractions like this. He also said rest every two hours while I am at work (yeah right, who's boss is going to be ok with that?) and if my contractions continue, I may have to cut back on my hours at work.

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