Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ultrasound Yesterday

Yesterday I had my ultrasound appointment at 2 PM. Before that, I needed to go down stairs to the lab and drink that nasty orange drink for my 1 hour glucose test. They told me I needed to be back in the lab at 2:47 to get my blood drawn for that. So I slowly waddled to my Dr. for my ultrasound appointment which might I add, is at the opposite end of this really long building! I waited in the waiting room til 2:27 at which time they brought me back for my weight. I am up to a whopping 159!! Up 3 lbs from last week. However, they told me I didn't gain any weight last week so really I am up 3 lbs from 2 weeks ago. Pre-pregnancy weight was 147. So I have gained about 12 lbs and I am 26 weeks 3 days along. Then they took my blood pressure. Everything was alright there. By the time we made it into the room I had just 9 min to get my ultrasound done, signed out, and waddle my way down stairs again! Instead of having the ultrasound tech do my ultrasound, my Dr. did it!! He seems to like doing them on me or something because one day I had the ultrasound tech doing it and he came in and asked to switch with her! I really like both my ultrasound tech and the specialist so I don't mind who does it. I told the Dr. I needed to be back for blood work and he said, "We like you so much we want you to stay here with us." And he had the nurse take my blood work : ) That was kinda nice to because then I wasn't going down to a nurse whom I didn't know. Dr. looked at my numbers, first the heart, going through the cycle all the way down to the amniotic fluid. Everything looked good. But the amniotic fluid was still at a 7!! I also expressed a concern I had regarding pain in my hips and low low belly when the baby kicked. Only sometimes but still a concern I had. He tried to look at my cervix but was unable to because I don't have enough amniotic fluid. The ultrasound was done. However, he had me go into a room with just a blanket over my bottom half and do a physical exam for my cervix. It was not at all effaced which is great news. He is wondering now why I have been on bed rest for 2 weeks with no more amniotic fluid. He isn't sure but is having me take 81mg aspirin because he is wondering if the placenta is maturing faster than the baby is. He is wondering if blood vessels are being blocked off that normally wouldn't be blocked off at this point. Blood vessels that should be providing nutrients to the baby that aren't now. So he is having me go on 1 81mg aspirin in hopes that it will open up some of those blood vessels and provide better blood flow to the placenta. After that I was done. He had me make another appointment for next week Thursday the 6th for a weight check and "short" ultrasound and another full ultrasound in two weeks on Friday the 14th. For now, I am to lay down only. Relax, and do nothing, all day, everyday!! Which is a killer for me.

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