Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ultra sound today!

Well, I figure I should mention a little bit more about the baby today. I found out I was pregnant right before my High School 5 year reunion. I wanted to take a test to be sure before I had a few drinks with everyone. Found out I was pregnant, so obviously I didn't drink that night. I didn't have insurance so I did have to go downtown to apply for Medicaid. As we all know, that can take just about forever. I got the acceptance letter the day before I went on vacation to Tennessee so I wasn't able to make an appointment til after I got back. After that, I went in for my first appointment. The weighed me and gave me prenatal meds. The scheduled me an ultrasound to see how far along I was a week later. At that ultrasound I found out I was just 6 weeks along. I had an appointment Oct. 28th and had some blood work drawn. That came back abnormal and I was asked to take a second round. That also came back abnormal and I had to go to a specialist the next week. I had an hour long ultra sound where the found out the baby had Gastroschisis, a defect where the skin on the right side of the babies belly never fully formed. So the intestines, bowel, and anything else that is sposta be on the inside of the belly just floating around in the amniotic fluid. I had a shorter ultrasound 2 weeks ago where they said everything was kinda the same. This week I had another long ultrasound. While they measure everything, they are paying special attention to the heart, which a lot of times also has a defect when a baby has gastroschisis. They are also looking at the kidneys, they have extra fluid in them. This is called Renal Pelvis Dilation. Extra fluid in the kidneys is also a sign of Down Syndrome. They are asking that I not be concerned about that. It isn't something they think is going wrong as of now. I will have an amniocentesis in a few weeks to check out the chromosomes of the baby. They will know more then. So today, the long ultrasound found that there was still extra fluid in the kidneys. The heart looked GREAT! They also looked at my amniotic fluid and found that it was really low. It is based on a scale of 0-20. 15-20 is normal. The baby is at a 7!! At 5 or 6 they will admit me to the hospital. Right now the Dr.'s orders are a strict bed rest. I am only aloud to get up off the couch/computer chair/bed to pee. They are hoping the baby will produce more fluid. I have another appointment next Monday and we will discuss the results and what to do next then. For now, I am going to try and rest and relax and get this baby healthy.

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