Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dave Ramsey update and Sorta what I did this week

Just wanted to Jabber on about my day. This morning Jimmy woke up not to his alarm but to my mom texting me at 7:20. Keep in mind, Jimmy leaves for work at 7:20 on a late day. So there was no way he was going to be able to bring Caleb to my moms for me. He left for work and I went back to sleep. Fast forward an hour and 25 min later. I woke up, not to my kid but to my mom :) :) texting me at 8:45. lol Then the kid came in. Well, I wasn't getting back to sleep but sleeping in was really nice today!! Yesterday was a busy day for me, Jimmy was home, my son was home, my sister and her mom came over and made cookies, also got a bunch of surveys done!, got some coke rewards put in (I have a box full), some bills paid, and a few other things too. But with paying bills, that means you must have money in your bank account. Well, we didn't! I am a Dave Ramsey gal. So all our money is at home. So I had Jimmy bring money to the bank.
Also, my home mortgage needed to be paid, so this morning I went and paid my mortgage for Feb. Yes, Feb. I am a month ahead. I know. Not really a Dave thing. But it's a Jessica security thing. And truthfully speaking, when we get to the baby being born, our wedding, our honey moon, ect. I want to make sure that those are being paid! And if I don't have time or money to do so, then we will have an extra $500 that month to work with. I am classic for "hiding" money and this is another way I do it. Jimmy and I both pay a little extra on our mortgages. Again, not quite a Dave thing but I never claimed to do EVERY THING his way. I owe $474 on mine and we pay $500. He owes $598 and we pay $650. I have a 15 year mortgage but Jimmy has a 30 year!! When he got the house a year and a half ago, we were seeing each other but we weren't seriously seeing each other. But I told him to get a 15 year. He didn't listen.
As of July 1st this year, we still have $4,964.12 to pay off of Jimmy's student loan in his name. That student loan started off at $6,147 which means that Jimmy has been paying on his student loan since the beginning of 2007 and has only paid off $1182.88 as of July. YIKES!! Since we have Baby step 1 completed ($1,000 in the bank) This is baby step 2 for us.
Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball. This is semi on hold right now as we are just trying to get by these next 4 or so months til I can go back to work. Also, we have a honey moon semi paid for already. We are going to Hawaii. I know, for some one who is in debt we shouldn't be going. We typically aren't big spenders and we want to make the best of this honey moon. I am a panic queen when it comes to money. I am the Nerd in the family!! But this is something that I want to do. For once in my life, i want to spend money on something. It's just going to happen. I am just going to deal with the criticism.
Along with Jimmy having a student loan out in his name, his mom also has a student loan out in her name for him!! The original balance was $17,305.61!! And four years later it is at $15,718.04. Yup, he's paid off $1,587.57. This is the second item of Debt snowball that we are trying to attack!

He has paid out roughly $11,380 and paid off $2,770.  Thank You Sallie Mae for picking up our slack! That's the new of the day for me :)

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