Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gazelle Intense Saving!

So with everything that's been going on with the baby, we needed to make sure we had enough money for our honey moon to Hawaii, a car, and the baby coming home!! We started to save and decided we were going gazelle intense on this one! We saved just about any spare penny we could. In just a few months, we scrapped together $2,010. Obviously that is nothing compared to what we need but it sure is an awesome start. I am one for "hiding" my money. I don't really hide it, I kinda just store it someplace I don't often go. So I opened up a bank account at PNC bank. It has a savings program and interest is 1.1% I think. Although this isn't a great deal of interest, I knew that it was something that we could put in and take out at any point in time. It isn't something that is stuck someplace for the next 6 months before we can take it out with out penalty. And it is also a new place for me to "hide" money. : ) Little did I know that just 2 days later I would be on Strict Bed Rest! Finances will be tight for sure for the next while but I will be doing everything I can to sell stuff, do surveys on-line, sign up for freebies on-line, and coupon like I never have before! We have also got out $1,000 emergency fund in place. And we have a little extra money in our bill binder because we haven't been using as much water, gas, heat, or electricity as before. Praying daily that god will provide a way for us. That way may not be a paved road, and it might feel all up hill, but he will provide!

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