Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little more about me.

I have son who is 4. I am engaged to a great man named Jimmy and we are expecting a bundle of Joy near the beginning of March. It's a Boy!! We are getting Married June 18th, 2011. As I have mentioned in my Dave Ramsey post, we own two houses. We rent one out right now which has proven to be a bigger challenge than we had planned on. And we live in the other. We also have about $20,000 in student loans from Jimmys college. So as you can see, we are in some debt and need to get out of it. AND FAST!! Jimmy and I both work full time so that is where our income comes from. But we need to figure out ways to cut back costs of our daily living. We use coupons combined with sales for most of our food, house hold cleaning products, and personal products. We also take shorter showers, turn our heat down and even my 4 year old knows to turn off lights when he leaves the room! I think we have a great start. About 4 months ago, the transmission on my car went out. Thankfully we had a few extra cars to work with. We have a motorcycle, a jeep, a sedan, and 2 sports cars total. Well the sedan was out. So we used the jeep and the motorcycle. Then it got to cold to use the motorcycle so we switched to the Jeep and the sports car. Then the sports car went out too! The other sports car is in pieces!! That was out. So we went to the back up plan. "MOM!! Can we borrow your extra car??" Here we are today, borrowing my moms car. Not a great plan either. We got the news the other day that my sedan is going to be between $1,500 and $3,300 to fix. New plan... buy another car. Jimmy is handy with cars but the cars we have need a lot of help. Debt free... here we come!!

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