Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dave Ramsey

I have been doing the Dave Ramsey budgeting plan for roughly 11 months and Love it so far. We are a little relaxed sometimes compared to his teachings but I find that if I am uptight about money, it makes me want to spend more!! A coke from McDonalds here or there is ok as long as we budget it into our blow budget. We have our $1,000 emergency fund in place and are working to become debt free!! We have 2 student loans to pay off, equaling about $20,000. And we own 2 homes. Other than that, we have paid off 7 credit cards in the last year or so! So that is good motivation to continue. I am also hoping for this blog to be an accountability tool. Even if no one in the world reads this, then I will know what I have set forth to do and I will have written it down for the world to see :)  And I certainly can't go back on my written word!

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