Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Update!

This is a little delayed but on Monday I went to the Dr. and had another ultrasound. I didn't gain any weight this time around. Still at 156 lbs. Which means I have gained a total of 9 lbs. Monday was just a recheck. So they didn't do a full ultra sound. They looked at all the major things, heart, blood flow, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, head size, the defect, kidneys, and a few other things. The heart is something they want to keep checking up on because with a baby with Gastroschisis, the chance of a heart defect as well is higher than in a normal/healthy baby. The heart of my baby boy is looking Better than they could have imagined!! So that is uplifting news! They are checking the blood flow in the entire body and umbilical cord to make sure there isn't a blockage of any sort. Everything looked great here as well. The amniotic fluid was still very low. Still at a 7. So they have requested that my 4 year old not be home unless some one else is here with me :( So I am home alone all day. As you can guess, I am not to keen on this idea!! But my mom does at home day care so she just takes him all day. The defect is looking the same as before. Nothing new there. And the kidneys still have extra fluid in them. On Tuesday my 4 year old had surgery to get tubes put back in his ears. This is time #4!! He first had them done at 6 months, then at 12 months, then last March so 3 years 5 months, and now, 4 years 2 months. Yesterday my Jimmy was home so I spent a lot of time with him. He has been doing a lot. Working 55 hours a week on average, then coming home and being mom and dad to Caleb, house work, finding us a car, ect. So a day "off" was in order for him! It was nice being able to see him for more than just a few min before falling asleep in bed! Today, I have been listening to Christmas music and trying to catch up on surveys! I am a few days behind and have found that some of my surveys have already closed out!! Still looking out for those deals though. :)

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