Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekly Goals

I forgot to post an update from last weeks weekly goals! So here it is.

Goals for last week :

1)Exercise daily. No time requirement just do something!!
Not even close. This cold air is really turning me away from exercising. Any suggestions on what I could do instead?
2) Make fire and tornado drill sheets
3) Do a tornado drill
4) clean stove
5) Limit computer time to 2 hours per day. Find a reliable way to track this.
I feel really great now that I am on the computer so much less. My family is really benefiting from it too!
6) Flip mattress and put new sheets on
7) Get everything downstairs so our carpets can be cleaned! :)
Our stuff is still down stairs! lol
8) finish Christmas presents
9) Rake leaves AGAIN and get them behind the back yard
Did not get all of them but my husband did a huge chunk of them.
10) Do my habit 7 days this week! (Brush my teeth at night time)

How did you do on your weekly goals? I would love to hear! Please post below.

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