Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 goal - Finishing my house so it can be rented out

These last few days have been busy for us, Joel was in the hospital. So I haven't been able to blog. But I have had some time to think and reflect over my goals and figure out how I am going to achieve these goals in 2012! So here goes.

My husband and I each had a house before we got married in June 2011. We moved into his house and had some friends stay in mine. We gave them a good deal on rent and in return they would help fix up the house. Well, we all know how renting to a friend is going to turn out. We thought our friends were different though.... Yeah, not so much. They half did some stuff and ended up moving out on bad terms. Now I hope we have learned our lessens. No renting to friends, family, or just plain any one we know!

Now we are left with a house that is in worse shape than before. So our plan in 2012 is to fix-er-up. Nothing fancy. We just want to make it livable and clean so we can get it rented out. We are hoping to get it fixed and rented out sooner than later because this is a $500 a month burden in our budget. If we ever want to even think about accomplish our other goals, this needs to get rented!

We need to get the upstairs finished up, outlet covers on, the roof finished, baseboards. window coverings, some walls painted, and a good heavy cleaning done. Along with those things, we need to do the legal stuff too. It has to be inspected, filed as a rental house, insurance changes, and we still need to find a good contract.

Right now our main problem is not the motivation to get everything done, it is the time with out the kids and the money to buy the things we need to fix. I am going to be asking my parents to take the kids a little more on Sundays so that we can have a few hours then. And I am hoping that goal #20 (make and keep budget) will help with the financial side of our problem.

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