Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life at home

I have been actively been trying to be a better mom and a great newly wed wife this year. That has been my goal. I wanted to get the kids outside more, read more, make more dinners at home, and clean clean clean. Well I do think that I have been doing pretty good. Although we have been struggling with our reading time, we have been outside to play almost every day, I have made a weekly dinner chart so I am not scrambling around at 5 not knowing what to make, and I have been trying to clean clean clean and the house has been looking pretty good lately.

Our weekly dinner chart looks like this for now:
Monday - Salad (We have been able to get salad ingredients really cheap as it is summer)
Tuesday - Homemade Pizza (There was a great sale on make your own pizza crust a few weeks ago so I got a ton and we are going to use the cheese from our WIC card to put on top)
Wednesday - Hamburger Helper (hamburger is also one of those cheap meats during the summer and for some reason Jimmy just LOVES hamburger helper!)
Thursday - Pasta Night (Last summer we got pasta at 6 cents a box, we will be using this up this summer)
Friday - Hot dogs (There was an awesome sale on turkey dogs a few weeks ago that made them free with a peelie coupon)
Saturday - Chicken Tacos (we just love these!)
Sunday - Pasta Bake (something super simple for Sunday dinner and we all love it!)

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