Monday, July 11, 2011

Financial Update

I had to work today which means instead of my normal 8 hour shift, I worked 9 and a half. What a boring day we had. At least we got a whole bunch of cleaning done. And I made some money! I have been working part time for the last two or so months. I go back full time this week. Although I am excited to make some more money and pay off Jimmy's student loans, I really don't like the people I work with. So work is really a love/hate relationship. Now for our financial up date.

My house - Our renters moved out in April so we have been paying mortgage and bills on it. Although we aren't living there, bills still add up slowly because they have to charge us for having the access to use it. We are hoping to look for some carpeting this week for the upstairs and get some general cleaning done to rent out.

Bills - We are trying to keep our bills as low a possible. We are opening up the shades so the natural sunlight shines in and we are keeping our AC at 79. It's a perfect temp so that we aren't sweating in the house and we also are racking up our bills super high.

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