Monday, July 18, 2011

Life at home

So this week I have been kinda sick! I haven't wanted to do much and have been pushed to do tons. On top of working full time for the first time since last December, I had feeding clinic for Joel, a check up Dr.'s appointment for me, vacation Bible school for Caleb. Then on Saturday we went to Starbucks for drinks with my mom, then to the farmers market, then garage sales and we actually cut garage sales short because I was feeling so crumby! Then my sister has been bugging and bugging and bugging for weeks to go cherry and raspberry picking. I told her I wasn't feeling well but she just doesn't let up. So I went (VERY SICK) to pick cherries and raspberries. After that I came home and got some dishes ready to sell on Craiglist. Jimmy came home and worked outside while Joel and I lay on a blanket. Caleb played. Then on Sunday we went to church  and went out for a belated fathers day for my daddy. We went to the beach. We couldn't find a spot to save our lives and Caleb had to go potty. So Jimmy dropped Caleb and I off at the entrance and went to find a parking spot. A few min later, he calls and said he found one up the road and he would just walk from there. So with Joel and my 16 year old sister Toni, he started walking. Mind you, he still had all the picnic stuff. The cooler packed with drinks and food, the watermelon, a few bags with chips and plates in them.....Everything. So Caleb and I start walking towards him on the main road and we keep walking and walking and we just aren't seeing him. Finally after about 25 min of walking we see them. They had parked over a mile away on some side street! Yup.... that's Jimmy for you. He is very patient with me, not so patient with the rest of the world. My dad ended up at the beach before we were and he was still at home when Jimmy parked. Long story short, we had a great time. But by golly what a goon of a husband I have!

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