Monday, July 11, 2011

Financial Update

Bills continued from yesterday:

Car Insurance - We swapped some cars around this month and that has reduced our bill. We also asked about any additional discounts that we could get and they said we could have a home owners discount and a multi-car discount! We never asked before and they never told.

Christmas Club - With me being on bed rest and then the wedding and honeymoon and all, we haven't been putting money towards Christmas this year! But now that I am back to work full time and we have got everything out of the way, we are starting to save for our Christmas Club again. Last year we didn't do Christmas presents for any one. Not even Caleb. Between Grandma's and Grandpa's we didn't need to get him anything. Actually, we had a hard time thinking up things for them to get him too!! We have already started a Christmas list for this year so that next year we won't be totally stumped when they ask.

Vacation - We took a very large vacation this year (Hawaii) but we hope to take a small family vacation next year so we are putting aside $50 a month for that.

Jimmy's student loan - We are going gazelle intense with paying off Jimmy's student loans. Right now we are paying an extra $250 a month so we can get rid of those suckers. He has still got about $17,000 left but $250 is all we can scrape together right now after bills so that is a gazelle intense as we can be. We have also been selling car parts and odds and ends of junk from the house to pay this baby off. All in all we are paying $490 a month on student loans. Thank you Sallie Mae! lol

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