Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life at home

So every time I go on here I feel like I have to write a ton and then I get overwhelmed and I don't publish it because I never finish because it isn't "done". So I have committed to just typing some thing short and sweet so I can actually post :)  Here's an update on us.

Joel- Out of the hospital and doing well. He is off his feeding tube!
Caleb- Got accepted into Cross Creek Charter Academy's Fantastic 5's program!
Jimmy- Went to Texas on a business trip just 2 weeks before our wedding.
Me Jessica- Got married. Lost all of my baby weight plus some.

Ok so that is us in a nut shell :)

Joel has started to jabber a little bit. I could listen to his little baby cooing all day long! Caleb got a letter from his teacher that says that we must do 30 hours of reading before the summer is over. Although we do like to read, we are finding this hard to do with our busy schedules. We have got exactly 2 months left today. So about a half an hour each day. Along with getting married, Jimmy and went to Hawaii on our honeymoon. It was beautiful there. We had put away money to go so we paid cash. We did tons and didn't worry about a budget at all :) We thought we would spend a ton more than we did so we came home with a good chunk of change to put back into our savings! Here's what we did while on Vacation in Hawaii:

We got in on Friday evening so we just went to dinner.
Saturday we went to the Dole Plantation. First we picked out a clam to see if we got a pearl. We got one! A nice shiny blue one :)

Then we went into the flower garden.
 Saw a multi-colored tree in the gardens too.

 We got the Boy's names written in the cool Hawaii look.
 On Sunday we went to Pearl Harbor. Well... first Jimmy made a wrong turn and we ended up at the navy base. This man took our ID's from us and asked us a whole bunch of questions! We told him we really just took a wrong turn and we would like to be on our way. It was kinda like he thought we had intentionally come this way of something. Finally he pointed us in the right direction and off we were.
 We took a ferry our to the Arizona Memorial
 Here is the Missouri Memorial
 After that we went home to take a "nap" and slept from 2pm-11pm woke up, realized it was the middle of the night and went to sleep til 4 am. Hawaii's time is 6 hours behind us so it was really 8pm-5am Michigan time. Which seems just about right for my work schedule wake up time.

On Monday we climbed Diamond Head.

Then we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Tuesday we went scuba diving. Then out to a fancy dinner.
Wednesday we went back to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Then we went to a comedy club.
Thursday we went kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling.
Friday we went shopping then got a plane for home.
We got back home to our kiddos on Saturday morning :)

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