Monday, July 11, 2011

Life at home

Although we are going by a pretty strict budget, we did throw some blow money in there. We had to other wise we would crack! So today with my few dollars of blow budget money for the week, I got a manicure :) I know that it's not super frugal but I really really enjoy doing it and it helps me grow out my nails some. Also as I have mentioned, I really have been trying to get the house cleaned. And even though it's something little I would like to tell you what I did today. I got a load of laundry done, I cleaned out my underwear drawer, made dinner, gave Caleb some Dinosaur and Camping "schoolwork" papers, sold 16 bath towels and 20 hand towels on Craigslist, read some more of Caleb's book to him (45 min today = 215 for the month!), and got a load of dishes out and a load of dishes in. Oh! And I also listed a few more shirts on Craigslist. I am hoping to get rid of some more clothes and FAST! We have seriously got probably 20 boxes of junk garage sale items down stairs taking over our basement. I am determined to get rid of those before October 1st. If not everything is gone, I am Blessing my house and giving it to Good Will. I will just have to remind myself of my October 1st goal. *2 minutes have elapsed* ok! It's in the planner. Lets just hope that on that day or before it we are free of all this stuff!

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