Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food truck

Yesterday we went to a local food pantry and food truck. The food pantry gave us some canned items, pasta, lots of snacky junk food, but didn't give us much healthy foods. But when we went to the food truck we got, 25 lbs of carrots, 20 lbs of potatoes, 30 tomatoes, a bag of onions, a bag of apples, a bag of peaches, bread, and 2 big containers of Orange Juice. Jimmy thought the best of all was the OJ since we rarely buy juice! So I have borrowed my mom's mandolin so I can slice the potatoes to make scalloped potatoes. I am using my salad shooter to shred up the carrots, and I am on the look out to get a good tomato something going. probably like smashed tomatoes so I can add them to soup this winter. The onions I am going to slice and dice up as well. I will put these all into snack size (holds 1 cup GREAT) ziplock baggies and put them down in my freezer. I am thankful for a program like this in our area. Money is getting a little tight around here and the food we got yesterday will help out tons! If nothing else, Joel is having a blast playing with the cut up but not yet shredded carrots :)

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