Monday, August 1, 2011

Life at home

Although Joel is off his feeding tube, he isn't really eating well. He hasn't been gaining weight or growing much taller. Today we went to the neural developmental specialist. They work a lot with Joels feeding. We haven't been in there since early may but last time we were there they had us in the room for just over 2 hours. Today we were in there for just over an hour and a half. They think Joel might have some blood in his stool. They are doing a stool test over the next few days. I am just praying that nothing is wrong. If there is blood in his stool it could mean more allergies or something wrong with his intestines.

I told you before that I am trying really hard to stay home with the boys and do day care. Well I am proud to say that the house passed the radon test with flying colors! I just found out last week that when Jimmy got the house 2 years ago they house failed the radon test. It must be under 4.0 and it was 4.2. Today the test ran at a 1.3 which is lower than a lot of Michigan homes now. I was a panic mess this weekend waiting for those results but once again, nothing to worry about.

My mom told me tonight that I can write off my millage I drive from getting supplies for day care! I can also write off the items I buy for day care. So the binders, crayons, erasers, and paper I got the other day can be written off. YES!!

My mom also does day care so she knows a lot. In order for me to get my day care license, I have to have CPR and first aid training classes yearly. My mom is up for her yearly review so we were looking for a class to take together and couldn't find one any where. I called my dad and told him that I couldn't find anything and his soon to be wife's mother does certifications! What Luck! So we are scheduled to do the classes on Sunday August 14th.

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