Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ugly Stuff

On one of the blogs that I read daily she had a link to a post some one else had written about their UGLY stroller. It had been through a few kids and they thought about buying a new one. This post really hit home for me. My stroller is now 5 years old. I had a car a while back that I really had to shove the stroller in because the trunk was so little. It really beat that thing up! The shade doesn't work any more, and the pocket on the bottom is ripped. I wanted SO badly to get a new stroller but for once my normally free spirit, money spending husband said no. At first I was surprised then I got a little ticked! So I asked him why not? And he said our old one works fine. Yes... Yes it does. So we ended up keeping our old stroller. I still love it and I use it all the time. Sometimes when I am with a group of friends I get embarrassed by my used and abused stroller then I remember how much money it saved me just to keep my UGLY one through another child.

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