Monday, August 8, 2011

Financial Update

Jimmy's student loans are Killing me! I just want to get them gone. I asked him in our last budgeting meeting if we could focus on paying off his student loan. We have got just over 3 grand left. I am proud to say that we are putting $600 towards reducing that this month! It was a great month for us. Jimmy got a small bonus that we weren't expecting, I sold some stuff on, and we budgeted about $300 from our monthly income to go towards this. So Hooray! Except.... we can't pay it. Why you may ask? Because when we got out new payment stubs a few weeks ago, they don't have a date til January 2012. We were very confused so I made Jimmy call and ask them what was up! They said we were so far ahead in our payments that they didn't need us to pay til January so they didn't send us any stubs for until then. LOL Well they obviously don't know us! We ended up having them send us some new stubs so we can get rid of this!

My house is really starting to eat up some cash. About $200 in the last few weeks so far. We got a quote from the carpet men and it'll cost us $697 and change to buy and have them install carpet. It's a big room but Really??? Not totally looking forward to that. We also found that we need to re-do the windows. I had those priced out a few summers ago and because they are custom sized windows, it'll cost us a few grand to replace those. So I went to Home Depot and brought in a window and the guy taught me right then and there how to re-caulk the windows. It's going to take just about forever but well worth the time spent vs. the money that I could be spending.

Jimmy has been selling parts of his scrap car to make some extra cash for us. Also we sold the Jeep today for $1,300. The random guy that saw the sign in the car window and bought the car from us ended up being a guy I went to high school with. I hadn't seen him in 7 years or so. That was kinda nice. Ok, getting back on track now, we had sold the Sable a while back as well and Jimmy had kept that money safe too. So between the Sable, the Jeep, and selling those extra parts we have $2,703! Jimmy is already looking to buy a new van so we can get rid of the Escort. We are looking into getting a van because I am that much closer to being a stay at home mom / day care! I need a van for sure if I am going to have kids over.

So far I have spent:
$20 on a changing table
$40 on two cots for kids to sleep on

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