Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 Goals update - April

1) Finish my house so it can be rented out - We are so close to this. I think with just a few more weeks, we could have the house finished!
2) Pay off Lowe's credit card - Paying off has been a slow process but we are certainly paying extra each month :)
3) See family in Pennsylvania - Saw them in March! It was a blast. Maybe I should right a post about that....
4) Pay off Jimmy's student loans - Still trucking a way at this. Money has been super tight lately.
5) Clean out the down stairs - I have been progressing with this as well! I gave away a lot of baby items to a friend in need. Donated a bunch of dishes to my mom's church who help people in need. And have been giving to Goodwill.
6) Save $2,000 emergency fund - We have officially got $1,000 in our emergency fund.
7) Develop 12 new habits - Um... well... about this....
8) Read 1 book each month - I haven't found my kindle as easy to access as I originally thought. Book from the library are slim picking. And that was going to be my main source of reading material.
9) Exercise increasingly - So up until now, exercise has been pretty on and off. However, I just joined my mom's gym and I am hoping to make the most of it! Today I did 2 miles!
10) Freezer meals once a month - Freezer meals? Not quite. But we did get a ton of carrots at the food truck and I shred those up and put them in the freezer.
11) Make cleaning the house more of a priority - I have been trying this. The living room has stayed pretty clean for the most part and I have been working on folding laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.
12) Date night 1 time per month - We went to Chicago in April for a 30 hour date night! We had a great time and a much needed get away from reality. 
13) Record meal and times daily - Well My food lady will be here sometime soon. Although still not daily, I have been keeping up with this pretty well.
14) Plant and maintain garden during summer - Still waiting for it to warm up.
15) Devote 1 night to family game night - We strayed off track with this one. Glad to be looking at my goals today as a refresher for what needs to be done.
16) Get together with friends 1 time per month - While we were in Chicago, we were able to see an old friend!
17) Write down birthdays and send cards - Wow. What a complete fail this has been!
18) Blog increasingly more - Although this was originally one of my goals for this year, I have found this to be put on the back burner these last few months and I have been spending more family time. I think that was a wise trade off.
19) Read with kids at least 3 times per week - We read almost daily in the car before school!
20) Make and keep budget - Jimmy and I just talked about this again last night. We really need to get this going!
21) Learn to knit and FINISH a project - I made a dish cloth!
22) Lose some weight - I forgot to check my weight today. But I don't think I have lost any yet.

That's where I am for the month of April. How have you been doing on your 2012 goals so far? I would love to hear!

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