Saturday, June 16, 2012

Caleb Starts T-ball!

Caleb Started T-ball a few weeks back and loves it! My camera has been missing for roughly those same weeks so I haven't been able to take pictures. The lost has now been found and I am able to share these moments again :)

Caleb has a great support team! Below is a photo of Joel and my mom. Visitors who were not captured in pictures include Jimmy and I obviously, other grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, teachers and friends! :

It was chilly on our first day of practice :

They had them practice swinging at the ball. They had the fence catch all the balls. :

Throwing during practice :

And Learning how to catch as well :

GO TEAM! Caleb is on the Java Cone team this year :

Running Home! :

Caleb is playing pitcher. This is his second time playing pitcher.:

Happy he made it home :

Team Photo :

Caleb and his friend Izzy from our church :

Caleb playing at 1st base. Out At First! Good Job Caleb! :

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