Monday, March 14, 2011

Recycle Bank

So Recycle Bank has updated their web site since the last time I went on. I actually thought I was at the wrong site and looked it up through google! lol But alas, I was right the first time :) I actually just went there to check out how many points I had and stumbled upon a 30 point bonus. Check to see if you have this option too!

Go Here and Sign Up!!
Then go to Get Rewards
Click the Food and Beverage category
Look for $2 off any Naked Juice product
Click the Get Details link
Scroll down to the bottom where it says Earn more opportunities from Naked Juice
Click the Get Details link in this box as well
and this is where I found Play a Game and Earn 30 points!!

I just had to pick up 4 plastic bottles and put them in the recycle bin!

I know I have done this at least once before but it just let me do it another 2 times! So I just made another 60 easy points!!

Good Luck and let me know if you are able to score this as well!

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